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HEBagMultilayer High Effeciency Microfiber Filter Bags aus (Effeciency 95%)

ABB Filtration filter bags are suitable for many applications such asfiltration of paints and coatings, printing inks, process water, chemicals and electroplating baths.


ABB Filtration offers a wide range of high effeciency microfiber filter bags in Polypropylene and Polyester und Polypropylen. ABB Filtration high effeciency microfiber filter bags are available with plastic flanges or metal rings. Microfiber filter bags provide high effeciencies up to 95%.

Features annd Benefits

  • „„Poypropylene or Polyester for a broad chemical compatibility
  • Plastic flange or metal rings for a broad temperature compatibility
  • Effeciencies up to 95%
  • FDA approved Materials
  • Silicone free construction
  • High dirt holding capacity & Extended life

Technical Data / Materials
Material Polypropylene, Polyester
Sizes 1 and 2
Micron ratings
1-50 μm
Effeciency 95%
Dimensions / Parametere
Length(nominal) Size 1: 430mm, Size 2: 810mm
Diameter Size 1: 180 mm, Size 2 = 180 mm
Volume(l) Size 1: 7,6; Size 2: 17
Filter area (m²) Size 1: 0,24; Size 2 = 0,48
Operating parameters
Max. Flowrate (m³/h) Size 1: 20; Size 2: 40  
Max. Operating temperature
Polypropylene: 93°C, Polyester: 135°C
Max. Differential Pressuer
3 bar