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SWCartridges1Wound Depth Cartridges

Available in different lengths, materials and micron ratings. The graded pore structure allows efficient particle separation, low initial differential pressure and high flow rates.


Wound filter cartridges from ABB Filtration are the perfect choice for the filtration of process chemicals, photo chemicals, solvents, electroplating baths, edible oils, fats, acids and bases, process water and for water treatment, and desalination of seawater.

Features and Benefits

  • Wound depth filter cartridge with a graded pore structure
  • Broad chemical compatibility
  • Different materials, lengths and micron ratings
  • Different core materials

Technical Data / Materials
Material Cotton, Polypropylene, washed Polypropylene, Polyester and Rayon
Inner core Polypropylene, Stainless steel, Tin
Micron rating
0.5-150 µm
Dimensions/Operating Parameters
Outer Diameter 2,4" (6,2 cm)
Inner Diameter 1,1"(2,8 cm)
Max. Operating Temperature Polypropylene: 80 °C 
Cotton: 160 °C 
Glass: 400 °C
Max. Differential Pressure 2.5 bar @ 30°C

All components FDA approved per 21 CFR. All polypropylene components meet the specifications for biological safety per USP Class VI-121 C for plastics.